Garden Season is here finally!

My sister and I have been gardening and that makes us very happy! Look at the pair of garden poles my sister, Nancy, made. I love them. I am calling them flower towers! They are so creative and will grow and change their look through out the summer!

She took PVC pipes and connected them together to length. Be sure to factor in the anchoring system before you choose your finished height. Nancy took the pipes and put a large screw through the end of the pipe that will be the bottom to help anchor the pipe. Then, she put the pipe in a bucket full of cement! This dried for days and days before she painted the pole. Then bury the pole in a hole deep enough to cover the bucket and cover over with soil.

On the pole pictured below she had a circular saw to drill some holes to fill will soil to plant in. She had capped this pole with pvc fittings and used that to screw the hanging baskets in. Note the hanging baskets already have holes in them so you will know what size pipe to buy depending on your basket. Adjust the chain lengths as you need to get a pleasing arrangement.

Now comes the fun part, adding plants and accessories. Line the hanging baskets with the liner or a moss that they most likely came with. Pack soil in the post to plant up with little plants too. Nancy chose vine petunias for the hanging baskets and they will grow and fill in all summer! She put hens and chicks in the pole. She put a potted plant in the top of one pole, note that she used cup hooks to hold the baskets on this pole vs screwing the chains into a cap. She is also going to put a solar lamp in the tops of the poles as well. Maybe fairy lights. I can’t wait to see how this project evloves! Here are more pics of the flower towers!

flower pot in the pole!

I have been slowly getting my garden cleaned up and weeded. I started a video series on TikTok. I love gardens but hate gardening! I really don’t enjoy the hard work however, I LOVE the results and I feel so much better after working hard as well as being in nature. So here are my videos about my garden this spring:


gardening series, I am hoping for a journey of personal growth as well as a garden full of beauty! #garden #zone4b #letsgrowtogether

♬ Hope (2 Min Edit) – Max Farrar

We hope you take time to be creative in your garden!




  1. Very creative Vicki! I like your garden a lot, I am a Gardner also but just like you said I hate to do the garden work. I was pulling a few stubborn weeds today in 100 degree heat..YUK!


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