Tiny Journals!

I love miniatures. It appeals to me so much, the inner child who loves tiny things. That’s why I love fairy gardens and tiny toys. This week, I was inspired by the tiny journal that Kat of the Vintage Journal on TikTok Here is her page: https://www.tiktok.com/@the_vintage_journal

Here is her post with a tiny journal she purchased online:

I loved this so much, I was looking at buying a tiny journal. Then I was thinking, I have a leather like Kraft-Tex paper scraps in my stash. It is sewable. I have watercolor paper and a whole bunch of things I could use to make my own journal as a little test. I could even use the last of my stickers that I made using my original watercolors as the image! An ideas was born. I tried the fabric glue Kat suggested but it wouldn’t work on Kraft-Tex so I go out my glue gun with Gorilla Glue sticks and it worked just fine. I was so pleased with the results that I may use up all of my Kraft-Tex paper making mini journals this year! I really want to use up the things I have in my stash before buying more things. I would also like to upcycle more and I think making my own journals are perfect for this goal!

Here is my YouTube video of me making the journals

And here is my TikTok:


thanks @the_vintage_journal for the inspiration! #tinyjournal

♬ original sound – vholloway12345

PS I entered a Easter House Contest by the pattern maker of my fairy house and I thought it was cute so I entered the contest !

Be creative!



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