Slow Living Sunday

Photo by Min An on

A couple of days after the last post, I got Covid. My garden was weeded a couple of times but since then, it has been on it’s own. It is lovely and has been a place to go each day and check on the beauty of nature as I have been healing. I have long covid now and I am trying to slowly rehabilitate my body. My lungs seem damaged, and I hope to be able to smell the flowers next year. I could get a few whiffs of a few flowers this season so I thing the sense of smell is slowly returning.

I have to say that my sister has been slowly working in her garden too. She got a new job a has been working 60 hours a week. So be both have not been as busy making things. She has been working on a Koi Pond with her partner and here is what they have finished so far. The fish will be in the water soon!

While they were digging in the yard of their 100 year old home, they found a fire pit filled with ash, surrounded by a stone fire ring. In the very center was a smooth round rock. Was it a cooking stone? A dinosaur egg? Dragons Egg? I am going with dragon’s egg. They started to sift through the dirt that was in that hole and found clay marbles, a glass marble and a small pudding stone. Such fun!

I have been slowly stitching some Granny Square projects in the great Granny Squared along with Fat Quarter shop. The crochet squares are because I bought pearle cotton instead of embroidery floss for my cross stitch. Lori Holt and Fat Quarter Shop are crocheting up granny squares all summer. I thought I would bust my yarn stash, but I don’t have lots of colors and the three test squares are really kind of ugly.I thought I would make small pearle cotton grannies and use up the oops purchase because my Covid brain ordered the wrong thing.

I have nearly finished my cross stitch granny squares using the free pattern Fat Quarter Shop provided. I never thought I would do cross stitch again because it was so hard. Now I am using larger aida cloth, Lori Holt’s very cute and simpler patterns as well as using task lighting to help me see what I am doing. I am so excited about cross stitch because I can do it with all my physical issues with post Covid syndrome. It is so relaxing to just stitch in the evenings!

Summer of making things in the spaces between work and healing. We will always be making things, sometimes it is just a little slower . Here is a video of a little slow Sunday Trip we took over the weekend of the 4th.



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