A simple wreath

I like making a wreath every Christmas. They last a long time so I don’t need more wreaths for every season. However, I had an idea for a quick wreath that I can easily change the floral pics to other seasons if I want. I bought was metal ring base and 2 floral pics. I chose Christmas with the orange slices and red berries. I had a large poinsettia with a clip on the back because it originally was a package decoration. It made the perfect focal point of the wreath. I just wrapped the long wires at the bottom of the pick around the ring, clipped the poinsettia on and it was done in 15 min. I can easily change with the seasons, if I like and I may make a more springtime looking wreath around Easter!

I have a large evergreen wreath I made a couple of years ago in my entrance, I didn’t hot glue the items in because I can easily update and change that wreath also if I want to when the sparkly additions to the wreath start to age.

wreath from two Christmases ago

I am slowly rolling out the Christmas decorations because I am just starting to get into the holiday spirit. I did decorate for Halloween at the beginning of September and was quite sick of the decorations by the time Halloween arrived so I didn’t want to do that for Christmas! Here is my tier tray!

My December start for cross stitch is an old fashioned Christmas tree that I will most likely frame. It will not be done by Christmas but that is ok. I like working on projects during the season they are meant for as well as long term projects!


I hope you are enjoying your week! I get so much joy over the holiday season and decorating as well as making for it is just a small portion of it. I will get my table top Christmas tree up this week. I may need to make more decorations for it this year, I am still making decisions about that!



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