Happy Crafting!

I am getting faster at Cross Stitch! I have a few white stitches to add to the block on the far right and then I plan to make a pin drum out of this strip. I have never made one and I may put this little strip away for a while as I learn how to finish it. I am really happy with the project and I could stitch Lori Holts little quilt stars over and over mindlessly. They are the perfect little stitch to do while watching TV or football, as a fidget really. I am enjoying cross stitch because with the floss and cloth I am using it is not expensive like yarn, fabric or Cricut supplies. It doesn’t take up much space in my craft storage and when I am finished I could just put all of my stitches in a box and never do anything with them if I don’t get around to fully finishing them and it wouldn’t be as invasive in my home as quilting, quilting supplies and sewing machines are!

This year I am making this! I have had this Tide Pod container ready for 2 winters. I need to cut a face from my vinyl stash with the cricut and then add a hat that I have laying around the house. I have battery votives to put inside. It would be a quick craft I could complete this afternoon. I have a simple snowman face saved to cut out already! What’s stopping me?

I have decided to make several things with my fabric stash and buntings or banners, are things I like. They use a lot of fabric but would be something beautiful to make with the bins of fabric I have inherited. I also will be making some donation quilts but they will be featured on the sister blog My Creative Corner3 blog. Here is a bunting I found already cut and ready to finish!

Another craft I have all the needed materials for is a pressed flower lantern. My flowers came in a month or so ago, I have a drawer full of Oui Yogurt jars and a huge jar of Mod Podge. I just need to try it! Again a simple little craft that I just need to sit down and do!


I hope to make the snowman this afternoon and maybe do one test lantern! I am not going to do any housework lol!!



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