Slow Stitching Sunday

I am working on the left hand glove this week. I have been scattered this week and have been jumping from project to project and have gotten myself off rhythm in my time slots that I like to work on projects. Sewing/quilting in the morning, sewing/quilting on my lunch hour and hand work in the evening. I have been making other fun things on the weekends like my needle felting and Cricut projects. When I follow my routine, projects get finished and I stay laser focused on what I am working on.

I really want to finish up the things I am working on so I can start a crochet project that I bought the yarn for a month or so ago. I am trying to be very disciplined and not have a ton of UFO’s. Nothing gets me more out of sync than having a ton of UFO’s! So, finish up what I am working on and then move on to new things!

I am a huge fan of Nerd Forge and yesterday I watched this video and was inspired:

I want her sketchbook soooo bad. It is on pre order. However, I have several sketchbooks that aren’t finished or filled up. I thought I would set up my own challenge for 2022. I want to finish my pandemic sketchbook first. Then work on the other sketchbooks I have and fill them up. I believe I have three others that were Zentangle sketchbooks originally. But I can fill them up with whatever I want because they are my sketch books and they are just places to practice and gather ideas. My reward for all the practicing and using up what I have will be a new sketchbook and it will be this lovely one!

So my plan is to keep working on my UFO’s for December. Use up my stash of supplies in 2022 and fill those sketchbooks. I have loads of supplies and I really want to not buy things. My only exception to this loose frame work of rules is I may need to buy things to finish projects like a Cricut knife blade when I can find one. Or maybe a pen or a yarn to fill in the project when I don’t have a specific color. I expect by June I will be well on my way to busting the stash of supplies I have.

If you work on things for a few minutes each day it all adds up !


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