Printing a digital download

Sam’s Speech

I purchased Sam’s speech and I love it so much I printed it off. But I chose green paper and it just didn’t look as good as the image on White paper. I am reprinting on White cardstock and framing it today. I am going to pin the green paper on a board at work. Working with digital downloads really are fun however there are loads of things you can do personalize them or make them “yours”. This would be pretty in a shadowbox with layers over it to frame it. Or turn it into a sticker to read when you want and put it on a computer or another significant place.

I also learned how to use the offset feature on Cricut design space and instead of purchasing stickers for each season I have learned how to make my own. I am going to make more for my journals and send some to my grandkids!

Crafts and creativity is in all of my activities and I think that using a computer is a large part of making things too! I am pretty excited about making more and more things with my Cricut. I am finding the longer I have it the more I learn how to use it and make very diverse things! It definitely has so much more potential that I ever thought.

Can’t wait to print these today!


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