Sunday’s Creative Report

I am giving a weekly update on what I have been making. I do the quilting and podcast updates on the blog My Creative Corner3. I like to talk about other creative endeavors that my sister and I have been making on this blog. I thought that a weekly craft update would be the best way to share here on the blog.

This week I took a day off for self care. Covid has been very stressful and the last three months have been horrible at work. I have been finding that one of the best ways to cope with all the stress is to allow myself to reach a deep creative flow state and there are times when I need an extra day to be able to achieve this state. I also took this time to connect with a friend and go thrifting. I didn’t find anything for me but I did find my daughter 2 dozen candles that she was looking for.

I have been collecting the items needed to make two wreaths that I saw on TikTok. I had to have them! The crescent moon wreath items mostly came from the Dollar Tree. I added two items I had at the house the crystal and the fall leaves. The moss covered balls were on a clearance rack at Micheals. I also have decided that making TikToks are very creative and satisfying!

The next wreath I worked on is the Hobbit door wreath. I decided to use my favorite color versus to make a door based on the colors of the doors for each Hobbit. It is inspired by Lord of the Rings. I made the felt circle applique with my Cricut a few weeks ago. I had a drawer pull in my stash. I purchased the wooden circle, grapevine wreath, moss covered balls at Micheals. The rest of the items were from the Dollar Tree!

Lastly, I made another watercolor page. I was testing the paints and practicing values and mixing colors. I decided to ask my Instagram followers what to doodle in the squares. Words of Affirmation was suggested and I loved that because I finished this during my weekend of Self Care. And when I talk about self care it isn’t just doing my nails. Its a ton of deep mental health work. I will talk about that more on my next podcast.

Take time for some self care! Be creative,


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