I have spent time over the past couple of weeks learning how to make stickers on my Cricut maker. I have done a lot of research on blogs and YouTube to learn what I know so far, which isn’t much. A deep dive in this is Jennifer Maker but I haven’t had an hour or so to go through her tutorial, but I hope to this weekend. I have learned how to use this feature on lots of free stickers that are out there on the internet. There are so many, I downloaded HP stickers, seasonal stickers, coffee inspired stickers and the list goes on and on. Here is where I found the cute Mom stickers in the Photo: Cricut Print Then Cut Stickers Tutorial | Sweet Red Poppy

I also tried my hand at creating my own with a 50/50 success rate. I am going to keep trying over the weekend. I made a sticker for a friends shadow box using clear sticker sheets. I also made stickers using white sheets to have stickers with my logo from the podcast. I need more practice. I had a little issue with ink smearing and it didn’t cut around the sticker as I had hoped it would on one attempt. However, I feel like I am learning this and I want to make my own journal stickers and stickers for a spice rack.

Podcast sticker attempt one

This is how I want to use my stickers in my journal. I used the coffee from the set I printed so far.

What is so amazing is that a Cricut Maker has so many uses and the projects to make from it are nearly endless. I love learning new things and making things that are both useful and beautiful!

Be Creative!


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