Three Crocheted Boho Purses

I have been assembling the purses with granny squares from a previous project that was never finished. I was thinking of making blankets but felt these squares would be perfect for the granddaughters. I saw a cute boho bag on Pinterest and thought that these squares would be perfect for this project. I used the three colors a little differently in each bag. Click on the picture above and swipe to see all three purses. What a difference the yarn makes in each bag , same colors just different color placement in the granny square!

what kind of handles should I buy?

I looked at several tutorials and videos for direction on assembling the bag, like this one: A new tutorial… crochet granny bag – The Green Dragonfly (

I used each bag as the template and traced around the body of the bag on fabric to make a lining. I cut 2 , hemmed the top on each half of the lining and sewed the two halves of the lining together, so you don’t lose items through the holes in the crochet!

Now, I am going to look for straps to attach to each bags I think I would like leather ones because yarn handles or straps stretch out of shape so much.

All it takes is 13 granny squares and you can have a cute boho purse!



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