Doodling around

Today I made another Doodle or Zentangle on batik fabric. I learned a lighter color of fabric vs the green I used last time makes a better contrast with the drawing. I am using an indelible marker called Identipen by Sakura. I like it very much , it draws smoothly and I am using the end to draw a thin line.

The second thing I learned is that iron on interfacing has a bumpy texture and I didn’t like drawing on that last time. So I bought Freezer paper. One side is wax and the other side is plain. I ironed the waxy side to the back of the batik to stiffen the fabric. No bumpy texture!

I plan to sew my doodle blocks into a quilt and see how they look when I quilt them. I write about my quilting on

I am just like our Buddy in the Tik Tok , I am just following the dopamine!

Be Creative,


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