One Year Anniversary

A little nostalgia today, I heard one of my favorite classic rock tunes by Boston and I was immediately taken back to my youth. It really is more than a feeling. It is the soundtrack to my life these songs in my art journal. I enjoy the lyrics, the emotions they bring and the memories they are tied to.

I look back through this journal and realize today is the one year mark of the change in our lives because of the Covid Pandemic, lockdowns, work from home, fear, anger, grief, utter despair, YouTube, mundane, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and wondering if this is going to be longer than what I had thought from the beginning- 2 years. I hope that with the vaccines we can start to live a little more like pre pandemic life but there is so much I don’t miss and don’t want to go back to being the super introvert that I am. I hope that I can find more of a balance in life and continue to see the miracle of the ordinary. I also like to have more of the feeling I did when I first heard that old song play, it is more than a feeling.

May the next year be better than the last,


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