Let’s Make a Crochet Pillow Cover!

This pillow is based on making a pot holder pattern that I made as a child. The video below is a great resource to use when making this pillow cover. Oh my is this yarn YUMMY!!! I had a toss pillow that needed to be upgraded and made more modern. It needed a 2019 look. I love the current trend of a pillow in blue and off white yarn with diamond patterns on it. This is my version of that pillow in a single crochet stitch in a pattern that I felt was a simple and easy way to construct the pillow cover.


I also did not use a stripe pattern although that would be lovely but I did a tapestry stitch like this:


Here is the stitch pattern , I used two colors off white and blue. The entire piece is single crochet.

Color A- off white 2 skeins 100g each

Color B – Blue 2 skeins 100g each

16 inch pillow or pillow form

Chain 170 of color A. Do one entire row of SC in Color A, crochet SC one in the end of the chain turn and crochet another row and SC on the end.

Row 1-5 Add Color B and the rest of the piece is *SC 5 in Color B, 2 SC in Color A* in round until you have a complete 5 rows.

Row 6-7 SC 2 rows of Color A

The rest of the piece is repeating rows 1-7 until you have a pattern that is 5 1/2 squares and sashing tall. Test fit your pillow inside the cover on the diagonal, just like the potholder!

If you need to add another row or two go ahead and once it is the right size then ladder stitch the cover closed over the pillow.

It is easy and a quick project. I upcycled an old toss pillow and wrapped it in batting, this gave a fluffy appearance and no colors of the old pillow showed through my stitches.

I used We Are Knitters Cotton Yarn.

I love making things that are useful and that upcycle things I already have laying around the house and give it a new purpose!

Be Creative,



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