Easy Infinity Scarf to sew

Today’s tutorial is the infinity scarf. You can make one like mine using 4 fat quarters. A fat quarter is 18×22 inches rectangle and can be purchased at a quilt shop or where they sell quilt fabrics. These little fabric pieces are usually less than $4 each and this project takes about 15 minutes to do.  I have a video for visual learners:

Begin by trimming off the selvage edges and sew your fat quarters on the 18 inch side end to end so you have a 72 in length of fabric.  Press seams. Fold in half lengthwise right sides together.


Mark your fabric. Draw a half inch line three inches from the edge of your fabric. I marked a T using my mat and ruler to draw a line above my little half inch line. Repeat for the opposite end.


Put your needle on the little half inch line sew inward, stop at the top of the line, needle down and then pivot your fabric. Sew the length of the scarf using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Stop when you get to the little line at the end of the scarf, needle down, pivot and sew on the line to the edge of the scarf. You will have a 3 inch gap at each end of the tube.


Turn the tube right sides out


Now sew your ends together to make a circle being careful not to twist your scarf. Pin or clip if needed.


Now your scarf has the seam allowance already prepared for you to have a smooth finish. You can sew the 6 inch gap by hand or machine.

I lam so happy with the results and thanks to Judy who told me how to make one at QuiltCon this year! I had so much fun I made two. These fat quarters were gorgeous but I just didn’t want to put them in a quilt and they were perfect for this project!

Be Creative,


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