Pom Pom Dreamcatcher



This is a super easy craft that looks great and is almost instant gratification! It had a dream catcher vibe to it. I love the pastels in the pom poms and didn’t want to detract from them by adding anything in the center of the hoop.

The cost of supplies was $8, not including the glue gun. The Garland was on  sale for 14$ but I made 3 Dreamcatchers so I divided the cost of the Garland to get to my real cost of this craft.

I had no idea I would love pom poms so much!

You will need:

pom pom garland of large pom poms…mine came from Micheal’s in the Christmas section

A embroidery hoop in a size that the pom poms will look good on… My hoop is 12 inches

A stack of ribbons… Mine came from Micheal’s in a stack of 7 white and silver. They are all different widths and textures!

Glue gun


I cut 14 lengths of ribbon to 36 inches , two from each ribbon spool. I folded the ribbon in half then put the loop over the hoop and ran the tails up through the loop and snugged it down. I added all the ribbons and them spread them out evenly over the bottom 1/3 of the hoop

I cut 6 pompoms off the Garland and glued them on. I found the midpoint of the hoop and then glued one pom pom each sideof the midpoint. I then filled in with the rest of the pom poms.  I was generous with the glue. I tack glued to the front of the hoop ( the thin edge). Once all the pom poms we’re in place I ran a line of glue on the inner surface of the hoop to secure the pompoms and ribbon to the hoop.



And that’s it! I love the sparkly ribbons.



You could weave a web in the center of the hoop with string

You could glue a doiley on the back of the hoop

You could add a charm or crystal to dangle into the center of the hoop


The possibilities are endless!

Enjoy this tutorial and be creative!



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