Counting down to Christmas


We are  making some  gifts for Christmas and I believe we are going to get it all done. My sister and I have make hand made gifts for years. It has  lots of meaning from the heart to give someone a gift you spent so much time making.  The gift has so much intention for the person receiving it and hope it is just the right thing for them.

I use to bake cookies and fudge , too. I don’t do that any more but my friends at work do and bring it in to share. I realize it’s all about the things we do as a community and share our gifts to celebrate. She bakes, I make quilts and things, I used to play in the community orchestra for the Christmas show, I love looking at light displays.

You see when I tried to do it all myself, it was so much work I didn’t enjoy any part of it at all. I made the cookies and fudge, played the music, made the gifts and had a list of things to do a mile long to accomplish by Christmas Day. I was plenty busy but lost sight of what Christmas meant to me. A time of love and sharing. A time of kindness and caring. A time to giving gifts out of love.

I hope you take the time to enjoy and find the deep meaning of the holiday. I have and realized I am much better for it. I have to say my friends cookies are much better than mine ever were.


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